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"Looks beautiful" stationery can be harmful
It is the beginning of a new semester, these two days, the supermarket sales promotion season in full swing, stationery climbing. Interview, the reporter found that some of the new appearance, bright colors of stationery by small partners included in the list of shopping, some toys with functional stationery, has also been welcomed by small partners. Reporters from the city of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, according to the national standard "student supplies general requirements for safety", to buy Stationery is a luxurious, "looks beautiful" stationery may contain harmful substances, should pay attention to students and parents. This reporter Ceng Conghong interview finishing

Be alert to "colored stationery"

On the eve of school opening, the reporter visited several schools around the stationery shop, see, many students are carefully select their favorite stationery. A fragrant notebook, colorful bag, book film and so on. Because they are fragrant and colored, they are very popular with students.

However, the experts remind that fragrance stationery is likely to be toluene, formaldehyde and other substances at play. Toluene is like a colorless, with special aroma volatile liquid, inhalation of throat tingling, itching and burning, if irritation eye mucous membrane, can cause tears, redness, hyperemia, and anesthetic effect on central nervous system. If there is chronic poisoning, neurasthenia syndrome will occur. If prolonged exposure or inhalation of formaldehyde will not only cause respiratory and skin lesions, but also lead to leukemia, cancer and other diseases. Therefore, please do not buy children's stationery with a pronounced pungent odor or abnormal strong fragrance.