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Press release of the fourteenth Ningbo Stationery Fair
I. preparations for the exhibition

The exhibition will open the Ningbo International Exhibition Center Hall No. 7-8, with an exhibition area of 16 thousand and 800 square meters, with 950 international standard booths and more than 600 exhibitors. Ningbo Stationery Fair after ten years of careful cultivation, according to the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors, overseas buyers, the scale of international influence into consideration, has been one of the top three global Stationery Trade Fair (Germany Frankfurt exhibition, Shanghai Zhongbai Stationery Co, Ning Bowen with the national cultural exhibition).

The exhibition exhibitors, domestic enterprises covering 16 provinces and cities, mainly from the coastal provinces, Shanghai, Jiangsu, China Zhejiang Guangdong, Fujian and other overseas enterprises; including 10 companies from Japan, Korea, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and other 5 countries and regions participating. Exhibitors are all stationery manufacturers, exhibits include the office desktop, writing instruments, paper products, art supplies, school supplies, office equipment, gifts, stationery production and processing equipment and accessories, stationery industry category and all involved in the upstream and downstream industry chain.

In the invitation of businessmen, as of March 3rd, more than 8900 professional clients from 43 countries and regions have registered in advance. Among them, 732 professional buyers overseas, including STAPLES (Staples, fortune five hundred), Office Depot (United States Odie, fortune five hundred), dollar tree (United States dollar stores, more than 4000 stores across the United States), Test-Rite (Taiwan Bentley, global market supply), Impact (France's largest office solutions provider) Hongkong, Fung and other world-renowned stationery office supplies procurement. The domestic well-known import and export trading company based in Ningbo, such as maple, Zhao Sheng, Shanghai Ricon, Anhui sun, were more than the procurement representatives to participate in the pre registration. At the same time, the exhibition also attracted many brands including OEM stationer, deli, Chen Guang, Salome, all together, etc., are selling more than one billion of the enterprises. Domestic and foreign institutions have visited more than a dozen, including the Malaysia Book Stationery Association, Singapore booksellers and Stationers Association, Indonesia, Hong Kong Stationery Stationery Association Hongkong chamber of Commerce, Taipei city library education supplies business association and Beijing Stationery Industry Association, Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association, Shantou Stationery Association Association, and Yiwu Commodity City, Linyi Commodity City, Beijing City, Guangzhou Yong Yi Park, Guangzhou Southern China style market, Shanghai nine market, Shanghai Star Shanghai middle large stationery market.